22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street is the funniest movie I’ve seen in 2014. My wife probably wouldn’t agree, but then we don’t like a lot of the same movies, so that’s OK. I saw this movie with one of my best friends, in a tiny theatre and it was fantastic. We both had a blast. I won’t say non-stop laughs, because that’s just too much laughing really. Or wait, is that even possible? Regardless,¬†you’re on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next punchline. The story is ludicrous, but they know it and play to those strengths. This movie doesn’t take itself seriously at all, but that’s the point of a movie like this. Usually when a movie doesn’t take itself seriously it looses itself in extremely dumb jokes that are low grade, or go too far the other way and make the jokes so subtle you don’t know what you’re watching. Hello Crank. 22 Jump Street doesn’t do this, it sticks to the game plan of staying fresh and fun at the same time that its making fun of itself.

I would even say this was better than 21 Jump Street, and I think its because they were not taking themselves as seriously. Don’t get me wrong, 21 Jump Street is mostly a comedy too, but the story is a little more serious. However, if you haven’t seen 21 Jump Street, then do that first. It will let you know what you’re getting into with this series of movies. With that in mind, the 2nd one is better, which sounds odd in the movie world, but in this case its the truth.

Ice Cube is excellent in this film and the jokes at his expense are fantastic, some of the best in the movie. Jonah Hill was made for this kind of movie, as was Channing Tatum and their a great on screen duo. There’s the typical bromance story of a feud for the reason of keeping the story rolling, and that does take away a little bit from the movie as it adds drama where its not needed, but its a minor gaff in the flowing enjoyment of this ridiculously hilarious movie. See this movie! Oh and watch the credits because they just keep making jokes at the movie’s own expense through them.

I’m giving this movie 9 out of 10 stars, because it was awesome.





The following is the Red Band trailer for the movie. Its rated R, just like the movie, so if you’re under 18, don’t watch this?

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