A Minesweeper Milestone

Today I completed a full month of Microsoft Minesweeper Daily Challenges, getting each one (3 per day) fully complete for the entire month. This gave me a “Perfect” month.

I’ve always enjoyed Minesweeper and even in a rudimentary form, I have it on my Android phone to play when I’m bored or stuck somewhere. Playing Microsoft Minesweeper started with my installation of Windows 10. I was happy to see it was there, not so happy that at least once per day I have to watch a 30 advertisement, from Microsoft, sometimes for the same game I’m playing, or for games I already have installed. You’d think they’d be able to read your Windows state, see what games you already have installed and then not bother advertising those games to you.

The other downside is that when the advertisement plays, if you even click your mouse outside the game window, it will pause and you have to click a tiny “Play” button in the lower corner to get it to finish playing. Annoying Microsoft. At least let it play in the background while I do something else. If I want to watch the ad, I will, but its all for games I already have installed, so bugger off already.

On the game play side of things, it is interesting as there are several types of gameplay modes you can be challenged with. Basically there’s classic minesweeper, then detonator, where the goal is to hit the mines (and only the mines) and then there’s Treasure Hunt where you need to find a “treasure” square that is surrounded by mines and finally the “Taps” mode, which is obviously geared towards touchable interface devices. Taps wants you to tap (click) usually 10 squares that are not mines. All of these modes are fun and add to your skills as a Minesweeper player, but they are also easier than playing regular minesweeper. This is because you get to do the wrong thing a certain number of times. Sometimes its as low as 2 wrong clicks, and others up to 5. However, completing 3 of these challenges each day is still something to accomplish. Sometimes any of these modes will also have to be completed on 2-3 different boards to earn that mode reward for the day. This is shown in the video below.

Having played through the advertisements and all the modes everyday, here’s the glorious last round for August, and my “Perfect” challenge score. Huzza!

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