Not content being one of a million reviews on other sites such as Amazon, Steam, and IMDB, I decided to put my reviews on my own webpage. That way at least I can pretend my voice is being heard by telling my friends and family about this page.

The writing style of this blog is provided from the view of an experienced gamer. I bought my first computer when I was around 12 years old (1992) with money from my paper route. That, along with awesome movies like Terminator 2 (and seeing how they are made) set my future in Information Technology. When I was younger I was a SEGA kid. Although our first household console was a Nintendo, everything after that was SEGA. The Sega Genesis, Sega CD, then when Sega went bust with consoles, PS1, PS2 until eventually settling on PC Gaming. I don’t ever intend to have a console again, its all PC gaming for me from now on. Although the credit is not due to Steam alone, it has been a big boost to the industry of PC gaming.

I won’t break down every nitty gritty detail of each game reviewed on this site, although I will mention the important bits, or at least how I see them as important. Nostalgia, when mentioned mostly refers to 1990 – 2000 gaming, mostly in the vein of the classic arcade shop! Other reviews on this page will focus on music, mobile apps, movies and general findings in online purchasing, however the  heart of this blog is in the game reviews.

Overall I’m just a relaxed gamer who wants to share stories about stuff I find interesting with the rest of the world. How relaxed? This relaxed…

Certificate of Ordination


Also, the domain name, king among men. I don’t really think I’m a king among men. Its a reference to an old Simpsons episode in which Bart mentions to Homer that it must be amazing to live the life of a carney (carnival worker) and Homer replies that they are kings among men. So, quite to the contrary of being a king, its more of a joke on myself. If you can’t laugh at yourself, give up.

Check out my Soundcloud page for a few playlists, mostly of the more electric and remixed variations of music. But you don’t go to Soundcloud looking for rock bands. 😛


I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and that you will be back again. And if you REALLY enjoyed your stay here, then make a donation. You’ve got 2 options…

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