All Connected

I recently got my hands on a new LG G2. Although, that’s a little misleading, the phone was released 4 years ago. However, its a new one, factory build. Although it does have AT&T bloatware on it. Also, according to a few initial searches, I can’t upgrade to Android 5 without connecting to their servers. I’m sure I can circumvent that … someday.

The bonus of this new phone is that its bigger than my last phone (HTC One S). And it has a full HD resolution. Which is just fantastic for remote desktop controlling my, also new, home PC. This week I also came into obtaining a new PC for the home. Its a strictly entertainment unit. Watching movies and tv, listening to music, and of course, playing video games.

The setup is in such a way that it has no monitor. It is only connected to a projector via a Denon home theater receiver. When the receiver is off the PC will function, but with no graphical display it can limit options when remote desktoping into it. So, to have full control and remote control it properly, the receiver must be on. Bonus, I picked up a short ethernet cable today and have it connected to the home network. With the official Denon Android App I can turn on the receiver, as long as its plugged in.

With all of this in mind, the following scenario prevails…

Come home, connect to WiFi via the new LG G2 phone, turn on the receiver, connect to the PC, go to TuneIn Radio, find a “chill” station. Enjoy!

The convenience of it all makes me borderline giddy.

Anther interesting factor in this soup of connectivity was my recent re-discovery of the webpage. This place lets you setup IF THIS THEN THIS loops that work between apps and programs you already use. For example, IF my phone arrives at my house, turn on my Philips HUE lights, automagically! You can even choose which lights, or all of them.

IFTTT does way more than this, and I couldn’t possibly list every possible thing in this article. It covers social media, home automation, email, GPS tracking, and it will even track the International Space Station for you! Your best bet, though, is to hop on over there right now and check it out for yourself and see what’s possible. And yes, its all FREE!

The only problem with IFTTT, though, is the delay. I’ve been sitting in my living room, used the one button “DO” equivalent of the IFTTT (made by the same people) and its meant to shut off all HUE lights, and it works… in about 10 – 20 seconds. So it would seem the connection goes all the way out to the IFTTT servers, via the Internet, to complete the loop. Kind of redundant when the entire HUE network is in my living room, on the same WiFi as my phone. But OK, the novelty factor is still there. And maybe its because I’m using a service that has servers in the US (most likely) from Croatia. So yeah, there’s delays for me, but it might be bloody brilliant for you!

No longer is it normal to think of that dystopian future where technology rules all. Let’s face it people, we’re living in it, right now!


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