Since launching this blog I’ve been tracking the user base with Google Analytics. Its really interesting to see the stats on visitors to the page, where they came from, etc. Pretty much everything and anything about anyone who visits this blog.

Some of the most surprising information belongs to where people are visiting the site from. Being from Canada, and now living in Croatia, I’d expect most of my visitors to be from Canada. This blog is in English after all, and most of my friends still live in Canada. How wrong I was!


I guess a lot of (not set) could be from Canada, but still, Brazil? That’s as surprising as seeing a Brazilian hockey team! Haha.

Another surprise is the United States stats. I understand there being viewers from the US, it just caught me off guard a little to see them ranked 3rd! So thanks for visiting USA. At this moment I’d like to mention that my favourite (favorite for the American’s) NHL team is the St. Louis Blues. 😀 LETSGOBLUES!

Okay, I’m being too modest here, there’s no way there’s 18 Brazillian’s reading my blog every month. So what are these numbers then? Surely Google is not lying to me… are they? Well, not really. The hits are coming from these countries, but the true data is in the bounce-rate. See the bounce rate is how often visitors just immediately leave your page. Here’s my bounce rate stats for the last month…

Analytics Country

Okay, yes, I just threw a lot of numbers at you, I apologize, but I do like numbers and statistics! Anyway, as you can see the bounce rate for India and Japan is 100%. Nobody is reading anything on here from there. Average Session Duration is also an interesting number, it shows how long people are staying. It turns out, not long enough to gain any knowledge from this blog… mostly.

Although the USA is #3 in countries that visit the site, the average session time is only 26 seconds. Compared to Croatia at a whopping 13 minutes (probably me writing posts), and Canada at a comfortable 2 minutes average session time, the USA visitors are not reading anything here. Oh well, it was a nice thought… I guess?

So what’s up with these places giving high bounce rates and low session times? My guess is Internet bots, or robots that basically scripting files that scour the Internet for specific things. WordPress sites, Google bots for indexing their search results, hackers, you name it. Its out there now baby! And these extra short visits on this blog’s page tracking analytics show them all.

Its clear that the only real visitors here are from Croatia and Canada. However it also looks like the Spainards are legitimate visitors too. The bounce rate is just over half, but the session time is spot on at a nice 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

To all of this data I say, “Thank you readers!” But don’t be shy, add some comments and share anything you like from here on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! There’s more content coming soon, so stay tuned! 😀

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