Character Development

I’ve had my first taste of character development today and its been interesting. I’m already creating people I have no story line for or anything. A group of thugs all in the same gang that vary from men to women, skinny, to muscular to all out brutes. The brute pack came free with the software, and what a bonus for the game I’m making. If you can picture an old game of Double Dragon, there was always a brute, or two, or three (depending how far in the game you were) that showed up just to mess you up. Higher strength, higher health, the old tricks. I’ve managed to put together a formadible squad, that will, of course, get repeated a lot, but as long as the groups mix it up it should be OK. But that’s some game dev to think about for another day. For now, I’m quite enjoying building characters.

Also, beyond the goon squad, I’ve zeroed in on a better look for the main character. He’s looking much cooler now as I have gotten into more facial options for him. Despite the fact that you won’t see those details for most of the game, there will still be close up moments and cut scenes to consider.

Let the rubber press continue pumping out more grade A characters for the game! Here’s a few so far…

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