Characters, Characters and More Characters

I’ve spent more time making more characters. I decided to go through all the defaults that are staring you right in the face. This included Police, Military and Fire Services. It would be great if there was a paramedic option, or I actually go and bite the bullet and try converting some Poser files I have to Fuse. Or, even possibly making my own clothing/hair designs from scratch. My first idea is a martial arts bandana. Honestly, you can’t even find any to buy, let a lone for free! Maybe I can get to making some karate clothing too, that would make for good cut scenes and be a good choice of clothing when showing the tutorial vids too. But that’s all pretty far away.

Without coding a damn thing yet I’ve managed to comprise quite a cast of characters. I’ve also been messing around in the set builder in Unity and made a pretty rediculous beach seen by the side of the road… at the bus stop where you get off for the beach, maybe? Its bad when even I don’t know. But I’m still in the testing phase of building sets, and going through the hoards of downloads I made to see which actually work and which don’t. As some are for older versions of Unity, you never know what might work with 5.1, especially as new as it is at the time of this writing.

Here’s the beach scene…



Its not so fantastic, and I’m fully aware of this, but its just my first attempt at a sandy setting. Gotta love that Ferrari though!

I’ve also been tinkering with the first scene I showed a few days ago, its coming along great now, although you’ll notice there’s less in the background. But that’s OK, I can fill that in later. I’m more happy with changing the road system a bit to include curbs, although I’m not as pleased with the current sidewalk texture and hope to change that. Also, the cars parked at the houses have been updated and you can see a few of the new characters in there as well, all defaulted to the “T” pose. Also, I changed the main texture to a far superior grass one and its working out great. I’m quite happy with my progress for this scene.



And here’s the characters I started the post talking about. Another bonus I hit up recently, mostly today actually, was that I was able to find some pre-made clothing packs, which allowed me to add appropriate gloves to the mechanic, nurse and doctor characters, as well as the full body bathing suit and bath towel female models below. Its been a good day of discovery and exploration today!

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