Custom Items for Character Creation

I did it! I finally broke through a major learning hurdle. I can now take .obj files, of most sources, and import them into Blender, using a custom template, then attach them to a character for the Fuse character creator. Fuse is my go to character creation tool, but I’ve found that the options for clothing can be somewhat limited. Now I’m on my way to adding whatever textures I want for clothing. My first successful test is the following mask. As you can see in the different angles, it renders quite nicely and fits the face perfectly. I could add a strap later, but I’m thinking of this guy as a super villian type character, so we’ll see how it goes with other clothing options to see what I can come up with.

Now I can go on vacation (in about 10 hours actually) and enjoy myself knowing I have some great work to look forward to in customizing items for Fuse. 😀 Stoked!

My next test will be to see if I can put rings on the characters. Shouldn’t be too difficult after getting this mask working.


I ended up trying out a Santa Hat obj file and it worked out great! I can also texture this hat in any colour I want for the main body and the fuzz as 2 separate colours.

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