Customizing Customizations

Getting a little meta here with the titles, but it still fits. Recently I was importing some more custom clothing items into Fuse, however, they were overly complicated and my colour maps (which tells the software where to colour what parts of the 3D model) were not working properly at all. I was getting a little frustrated as I had some great accessories for my characters, but they were getting way too screwed up along the way.

All I can say now is, thank you YouTube! And also Google. Maybe a random Bing search got in there too, because I’m using Windows 10 now, and Cortana is kind of neat, but uses Bing. ANYWAY! A few tutorials later and I’m now able to set sections of 3D models using Blender to then create my own colour maps that are working perfectly in Fuse.

Before I learned this I was getting a lot of 3D models that were showing their seems in Fuse. Stuff like this…

Not only is the entire helmet one colour, but there’s even parts that didn’t render properly. Look around his chin, on the extended part of the helmet. You’ll really notice the difference when you see what its supposed to look like…

Its almost knight and day in difference, worlds apart. Now I can set colours for the helmet, inner foam (which I gave a mesh texture and love!) and all the accessories on the helmet. Its not exactly 100% perfect, but its by far worlds apart from what I knew only 24 hours ago. I’ve managed to learn about how materials exist within Blender, how to separate them properly, and lower the poly count which can be extremely important to a good end game experience as well. But most importantly I’ve learned how to properly create the colour maps for different sections of a single .obj file, which is great. I probably spent 4 hours tweaking this helmet and its properties to finally get the proper results in Fuse, and its been totally worth it.

Of course this helmet is pretty cool, but its funny in that I have no idea where, or even if, it will make it into the final game. Its all part of the learning experience. Gotta love it when a learning experience actually leaves you learning something and not just confusing you even more. Its a great boon to the old self confidence.

Here’s a couple of other sports helmets that were previously crap and are looking infinitely better now. Unfortunately I deleted the old materials so I don’t have anything for comparison sake, but trust me, just like the helmet above, they were crap before.

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