First Custom Build Character Accessory

Although my previous posts about customization were truly getting custom items into my Fuse characters, they were not 100% built. I found the files online with open source, or attribution licenses attached. For example, the Santa Hat and the Mask, they were downloaded. Today, however, I’ve broken into making my own accessories out of necessity. No matter how much I looked, I just couldn’t find any form of karate headband for download. So I busted open Blender and went to town.

I learned a lot about Blender today. And that’s always a bonus. Ways to bend, morph and convert objects to meshes. Modifier tools are less a giant list of mysteries now as I use more and more of them and get a little blown away each time. Blender, you are good stuff!

Regardless, my final (of about 5 attempts no less) for a good karate bandana ended with just 4 pieces making it. Here’s a screenshot from Blender…

Simple, yet effective!

After exporting the required files to import to Unity, which includes the .obj and UVMap files, I then created a colour map using the UVMap as a starter file. Since I’m just going to make it all one colour for now, it was pretty simple. Here’s the result, imported into Fuse, set to satin texture with black colour. Unfortunately, for now, the tail pieces appear in much darker form than the base. Something I need to sort out, but not a problem when the whole thing is black anyway. Good old workarounds.

Click the thumbnails for a full view.

It worked out great! Then I uploaded it to Mixamo for rigging and was met with a pleasant surprise. Mainly how the rigging animates objects behind the neck of the character. I couldn’t be happier, it moves fluidly, without any kind of rigging on my part to say that’s clothing. Best character creation software… ever! Here’s a little video to show you what I’m talkin’ about. Woot!

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