Game Building on the Cheap from Humble Bundle

This week’s Humble Bundle deal is up and running and it has an intriguing piece of technology in there. Its a game building on the cheap miracle! Right now, as of this post, if you pay more than the average of $6.05 they will throw in YoYo Games Studio Pro. That’s the Pro version which usually runs for $149.00! In fact if you hop over to you’ll see that for yourself. There’s more than enough bonuses included in the Studio Pro version to whet your appetite for some serious game dev. Included in the Studio Pro version is exporting for Windows Deskop, Windows App, Mac OSX and Ubuntu.

The ability to make you’re own Windows App in this builder really has me intrigued as I find the Windows App Store to still be a bounty of emptiness waiting to be filled. Having recently upgraded to Windows 10, I can see how there is a need for some better apps, and of course there’s always room for gaming.

The parts still left out though, are of course, exporting on the most popular platforms, iOS and Android. They still run an additional charge of $299.99, which is pretty steep if you ask me. Still, if you can bang out a good game, I guess its not so bad.

Also included in the Humble Bundle is a good handful of games created with the YoYo Games studio. This, I am sure, is an way of saying, “Look what you can do too!”

Although the creation of “Tough Justice” is being done in Unity, I don’t expect YoYo Games to replace that function. Having been familiarized with the YoYo Games studio in the past, I see it at its best as a 2D engine. Old school RGP’s, all the latest retro pixel style games, this is the kind of thing I see this studio tool handling.

For $6.05 though I like the idea of being able to create Microsoft Apps in both App form and Game form. Interesting indeed!


For the $12 version you also get the Android exporting module. That’s a freakin’ $299.99 value! Oh la la.

Update #2:

The instructions for getting a YoYo Games account, as provided by Humble Bundle, directs you to but that link showed an error about there being too much demand and that “we’ll be with you soon.” However, just click the Login button on the top right and follow the instructions for setting up an account. No need to wait for that initial page. You get there directly from here also…

Also, when registering I did not enter a license key initially.

While that registration page is loading you’ll be sent some emails about confirming your registration. All standard issue. I also noticed I was getting emails about my account being activated, even though the pages were not loading fully. In fact, the activation link only opened a white page of emptiness.

Logging into YoYo Games is proving difficult with very long load times that lead to all white screens. No doubt their servers are overwhellmed with people trying to activate their new incredibly cheap licenses. Best to just wait it out for now.

Update #3:

I finally got my account created, logged in but the license activation viewing is down and when you attempt to activate the new key, it just goes to a white screen. The official statement is “Licence viewing is currently disabled due to high server load, and will return shortly.” Makes sense.

Update #4:

The YoYo Games full website was completely down yesterday (22-09), however, it is back up today and I was able to log in, activate my licenses and I am now downloading the updates via the YoYo GameMaker Studio program installed on my PC. So, they lost about 5 days due to the overwhelming requests for new license, but everything seems to be working great now!

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