Get BioShock Infinite for $1 by voting for your favourite games of the year!

A friend passed this on to me and I had to share it. Unbelievably you get an email with instructions to get Bioshock Infinite for $1 after voting for your favourite categories for their awards ceremony called “The Golden Joystick”. Hop on the link and get on it, because who knows how long this will last!

Click here to start voting and get the deal!

You do have to jump several hoops to finally get the game, but its worth it and totally checks out legit. You will have to create an account at, which is all part of the process. No need to login right away, just complete the survey, then follow the instructions at the end.

It might take a little while to get your first email after completing the survey, don’t fret, its coming! You’ll get a Steam key when its all said and done, plus the $1 you pay for the game is refunded when you finish the game! Amazing.

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