Hearthstone Underdog Battle

A short while ago I was playing Blizzard‘s fantasy magic card game and got into an epic Hearthstone Underdog Battle. So, how was this battle an underdog battle? And why was it epic? In short, I can summarize with this… at one point my opponent’s hero’s health was up to 45 and the battle lasts for just over 16 minutes. Both of those facts are far from the norm when it comes to Hearthstone. Typically, its a one sided event. Hell, even the well matched battles, with good cards drawn from both sides, will last no more than 10 minutes.

Each game starts with 20 health for each hero. With some cards dealing pretty heavy damage, things can get out of control and end a match pretty quickly. Having a hero with 45 health must have felt great at the time for my opponent. Until the end that is! Check it out…

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