Lack of Investing Interest

I’ve found it quite interesting over the lack of investing interest that is mustered up whenever I talk to someone about it. Each conversation always breaks down to the same core questions by the end, if there are even any questions at all. Basically, “What can I buy to make money?” “How much did you make?” “How fast can I make this money?”

These are the “Hollywood” questions about investing, if you ask me. Its everybody’s quick fix questions. The truth of the matter is that investing is boring, sometimes painfully so, and in the beginning, if you can’t invest a lot of money, it can be terribly slow at making you money as well. See, as I described in my first financial related post, the true power of investing is in compound interest. The problem there is that it takes years upon years of turn around to see great results. Nobody wants that, apparently. Its too slow.

I’m aware that nobody lives forever, but you should be able to bank on at least 20 – 30 good years of making money, and in that time invest and make even more money. Then again, in today’s society, nobody is interested in the future. At least not planning for it. From global warming to dinner plans, most of us just float by, moment by moment. This is not the mentality of an investor. At least one planning on investing for retirement. Oh, more boring words, sorry!

Another part of me thinks that nobody is interested in hearing good news about how stock investing works because its kind of a slap in people’s face too. Not so directly, or bluntly, as that, but I guess you’re kind of kicking the hornets nest when you say, “Hey everybody, this is how you really make money!” At that moment everybody turns and collectively gives you the finger, turns about face and walks away.

Look, I get it, investing is scary, but it really shouldn’t be. There are risks, but a majority of them are avoidable and add no further risk to your life then say, picking up that hot chick/dude at the bar you’ve been eyeballing all night. And some of us will do that on a whim. Or, even driving without your glasses (if you need them) or hell even a seat belt. But people do this kind of stuff all the time and its WAY more intrusive on your life then losing some money if the odds don’t go your way.

Don’t want high risk in investing, or to have high risk associated with your investments? No problem, invest in low key, low return, blue chip stocks. You’ll ride that slow climb in income for decades. But if you’re that adverse to risk, you’re probably not investing in stocks in the first place.

The only piece of advice I can give that feels like it would reach people immediately, to get them interested in investing, would be, “the best amount of time to hold a stock, is indefinitely.” This holds true for dividend stocks. The stock value goes up and down, but you always get your cash dividend every month/quarter. Buy one that has lasted through economic hardships in the past, then forget you even own it, except for the 1-2 times per year you take the money you made to reinvest it into more of the same stock.

I’m not sure where I was going with this rant when I started it, and I’m still not sure where I am now that its over. *scratches head*

When I made my most previous investing post about now (then) being a potentially great time to invest, I went outside the regular social channels of Facebook and Google+ and also sent copies directly to some friends. None of them replied, even potentially batted an eye at the message, which was “invest now!” And there are some sound reasons behind it. One friend replied, but we talk shop on investing all the time, so that’s no surprise.

What is surprising is what it takes to get people interested in investing, it would seem. Its such an odd situation when you consider that money rules the world and we spend most of our lives trying to make more of it.

If you’re reading this and you’ve got some input on why investing advice doesn’t stimulate you, post some comments about it. I’m really interested in what people are thinking about this topic.

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