Max Payne 3 Review

Oh where to start this Max Payne 3 Review? The game sure got a lot of amazing reviews and press back at its launch. For me, it seems like it was a buy out of the game reviewers, something the game world has seen before, and will probably see again. I’m not saying Max Payne 3 is a terrible game, but it seems hard to justify is over 85 rating on Metacritic. I was actually pretty surprised to see that, then I saw that the pro’s gave it near 9.0 while the user base gave it a more bearable 7.5. And therein lies the game. That last sentence is a play on words of sorts. Just take away that I said, “lies the game” all at once.


Not much to describe here that I think you’ll find new, interesting or even useful when playing Max Payne 3. Its a 3rd person, over the shoulder, shooter. Its a Max Payne game. You get bullet time to make everything slow motion while you flay out a barrage of bullets. Its very linear. You can only follow one set path, there is no sandboxing with Max. With all of this in mind, the game gets tedious and boring.


Well, you know, for a run and gun game, its not bad. You run, and you gun… a lot of people. Like, wow, a lot. So if that’s your thing, climb aboard!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics in Max Payne 3 either. Gameplay is smooth, and you won’t run into too many bugs in the navigation of your character. In fact, all that stuff is spot on. You know if you never had the gaming history to play the original Max Payne then maybe this game won’t even be so bad!


I find it interesting in games like this how you’re a straight up cold blooded killer, but you do it all to save 1 woman, the entire time. Meanwhile you kill about (no joke) 200 guys, if not more. So what about their wives, sisters and mothers? Oh but Max, you saved the damsel in distress. Its a story line that shits all over itself, and its part of the reason you walk away from a game like this. I have the same problem with GTA sometimes, but it carries itself a little differently. Its easier to decide the GTA world is not real. In Max Payne they want you to think it is real, and well, that’s a terrible “real” story. When does Max just blow his own head off? 500 murders? 1000? And the story cuts that are in this game, ugh, its all serious drama like Max is saving the world. I wouldn’t even bring it up if he wasn’t supposed to be morally good, which he is if you missed it. Maybe I’ll play more some day and Max will snap and then the game will have no sense at all. There’s no way out of Max Payne 3 that makes you feel good for playing it.

The action is repetitive. Very. Room after room, place after place, its mostly all the exact same. Hallways, rooms and doors that have bad guys somewhere near them and you have to battle through it with time altering powers and a bottle of pills. And without that captive storyline to pull you in, it just gets boring. I am disappointed with Max Payne 3. The originals were some of the greatest games ever made, for their time. And that’s the key here, Max is no good for this time. We need more then just run and gun, save the girl. We expect a richer story, and if there’s no story then more playful gameplay or at least a semi-sandbox gameplay area. This is a retro game that tries to be modern, and it falls on its face a bit. Max Payne 3 doesn’t tie any of the modern golden rules of gaming together. Nice try Rockstar, but no dice on this one.

  • 85%
    Graphics - 85%
  • 45%
    Fun Factor - 45%
  • 55%
    Replay Factor - 55%
  • 100%
    Hypocrite of the Year Factor - 100%


Max Payne 3 is a pretty bad game. I’ve played games with lower budgets that pulled off way better stories and actually made me feel for the character. I quit playing Max Payne 3 before ever finishing it, because its mainly stupid as hell.

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