Night Vision UV 400 Sunglasses

sunglasses-yellow-02I picked up these sunglasses on a whim. They were actually secondary to getting a pair with black lenses of the same model. I have been using the black ones for weeks now. They’re good, but my only complaint is that where it hits the back of your head, the end of the arms, its plastic and can hurt on a wide head, like mine. That being said, its no problem to wear them for a while. I’ll see about adding some kind of pads on the inside of the arms and they’ll be perfect.

So why bother, some might say? Well they were $3 per pair. Shipping included. is a website I have ordered from for other things, but this one is one of the best. The yellow lenses really change the look of a day. Well of course, right? But its great as they really let you focus when you need to on definitions. I know these glasses will be great for driving in the winter, or doing anything in snow. But even better, on a cloudy, blue, even dreary day, you put these on and the grasses greens pop and all light is warm and yellow, like a summer’s day. The blues are gone!

For $3, what do you have to lose to try ’em out? Oh and the nightvision part is total bull, but I don’t really think you need me to tell you that. Or do you? 😛


I lost my original pair of these in the woods somehow. Ordered a new pair immediately. When they arrived, I put them on, and it was awesomeness all over again. And at this price, it wasn’t even so bad to have to buy another pair!

Night Vision UV 400 Sunglasses




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