ODESZA – In Return

Ever since meeting my wife, I’ve been exposed to a lot of music that I would have never even given a chance in the past. She’s from Croatia and I moved to Europe, from Canada. Here the king of music is electronic music. Its probably for the better, to expand my musical horizons, but I can’t help but still miss great rock bands, which are a dying breed these days. Foo Fighters not included. Keep on rocking my friends! I will also go see a rock band as long as its 5 hours or less to drive there. Come on Foo Fighters, play in Prague!

I’d never have given Odesza a chance in the past, but now I’m enjoying it more and more. The funny thing is that they are from Seattle, so maybe I would have found them anyway? I won’t give a song by song breakdown, but here’s some general ideas about the album as a whole and some of my favourite tracks.

I can put this album on loop and generally get through it 2-3 times before I even notice its still not the first run. That’s saying something. There are also a great handful of tracks that just make me move. Swing my body from side to side, shoulders leading, while sitting, for example. Like The Fresh Prince, or DJ Jazzy Jeff. Haha, there’s a pop culture reference that will date me a bit. Hello 1991! Also the lyrics are a great mix to the music. Its not just the lyrics, its like an instrument as these girls (mostly) voices carry well with the electronic vibes of Odesza’s beat. And what a beat. The rhythm isn’t too fast, yet not to slow. Its groovy and entertaining, its upbeat and happy, its funky and delightful. Its a lot of great things to be honest and I don’t remember the last time music opened me up like this before. Especially to be open to a beat that makes me want to move. I’m not a dancer by any stretch, but I can’t help but tap a toe, swivel a hip, shimmy my shoulders. This album has such nice beats.

Maybe its the old hip hop influences I had in my very early 20’s, through a great friend of mine, Kyle McMullin. See he was in a hip hop crew, that did breakdancing, and they tore it up. I always thought it was amazing but knew my ability to carry a beat was terrible, not to mention my terrible fear of performing/talking in public, back in the day. So now, this album is almost like a rewind, giving me what I probably needed back then, but was too young and stupid to find. Now my body is too old for breakdancing, but hey, I can still groove, so its all good.

Among my favourite songs for beats in this album include White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts), Say my Name (feat. Zyra), Memories that you Call (feat. Monsoonsiren), and maybe my favourite song, but its hard to make a #1 on this album, For Us (feat. Briana Merela). The last track is so epic in its chorus beat that you can’t help feel the groove and just be positive. Its fitting that the last track of the album leaves you wanting more. I’d love to see these guys live, and they are coming to Prague in November, so maybe a road trip will be in order. We’ll see!

I’m giving this album a 9 out of 10 because the tracks I like are really, really great. Its got its downsides, I could even go as low as a 7, but I’ll say 9 just because of those amazing tracks. Nice work Odesza.


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