Pop Culture References

As I am finding more free utilities and 3D models that I can import into Fuse, and thus into Unity, I keep looking at ways I can create some pop culture references. Probably more in the realm of just having them in the background, or they shoot in and out of a scene quickly, but are there to be found and enjoyed by anyone that might know the reference.

So far the collection of pop culture characters is growing, especially with my new breakthroughs in Blender. So, for your viewing pleasure, and to wonder how these might get used in the game, here’s some of the characters I have put together so far. There will definitely be more, and I’ll post them here as I create them.

As usual, click the thumbnails to get the full version…

The Stig (Top Gear)

The Stig is from Top Gear, the crazy, almost robot like character of the show that test drives the cars for setting the times for any specific car on their track. At one point The Stig was Michael Schumacher, but I’m sure now its just whoever they can get in the suit. Especially now that the trio of presenters have left the show.

Biff’s Gang (Back to the Future)

I got my hands on a pair of old school 3D glasses, you know with the red and blue lenses. As soon as I had them working in Fuse, I knew I was on my way to making Biff’s gang from Back to the Future. So far I just have the guy in 3D glasses, but I think I made a decent representation of a 50’s greaser. Now for the rest of the gang!

Rowdy Roddy Piper (They Live)

There’s a lot of things about the 80’s movie They Live that I love. That movie is grade A, B quality, 80’s gold. Now that’s a sentence. In the movie Hot Rod deliver’s one of the best lines in cinematic history. “I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I’m all outta bubble gum.” I might even try to make a different Hot Rod, in old wrestling style, if I can. For now, the They Live version is looking good!


This one doesn’t need any explanation. Its Arnie from Terminator. Generally I modelled this around Terminator 2, but I guess it really fits into any Terminator movie after that movie, because he stuck to a similar formula after T2. And why the hell not? Try to ignore the grey hair. For whatever reason, when I upload the character for rigging (bones) some of the colour pallets don’t work properly. The hair is always grey, but when I load the characters into Unity, they are as they should be, in this case, with black hair, as the first image shows.

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