Rock & Roll : That kind of music just soothes the soul

This will date myself, badly, but I don’t care. Bob Seger knew what he was talking about when he made Old Time Rock & Roll. That song is a classic in its own right, but it rings true for me just about every time I have a day that I really need to rewind. When I’m working on a computer for most of the day its a good day when I can blast some classic rock in the background. To that end, the best classic rock radio station I’ve ever heard, either online or over radio waves, is rr 1.FM’s Classic Rock Replay station.

Just click that link, the page will load and you’ll be on the rock & roll highway to a great day. You can also find the same station on Tune-In Radio, if that’s your preferred listening web page, or you’re on an app driven device. Just do a search for “1.FM Classic Rock” and it will pop up in the results without isssue. 1.FM has a multitude of stations, and you might even find some ones in there that you like, but for me its all about this Class Rock station.

If I had one complaint about it though, its Metallica. I was born in the 80’s. Metallica doesn’t belong within any kind of earshot of classic rock. I’m talking about Zeppelin, Floyd, Springsteen, U2, Van Halen, The Who, The Black Crowes, Guns N Roses, etc. Metallica has no place in a room of such classic rock Gods. At least, not to me. I guess I’m just turning into one of those old guys that doesn’t like to change. But come on, Metallica is metal, its not classic rock.

With that out of my system, go “remind yourself of your rebellious childhood” as the site likes to say in one of its random internally directed ads. Oh yeah, that’s another bonus, no advertisements, except the odd station identification notice from 1.FM. Bliss.

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