Rock n’ Chill – Get Work Done Mix

Today I had to plough through some repetitive, let’s be honest… boring, programming work. Eh, who doesn’t have boring parts of their job? If not, lucky you. For the rest of us we need something to help us push through. Hopefully you can listen to music at work, even better if you’re allowed to have YouTube access. Here’s a list I was listening to on my phone at work today that pushed me through that boring old work like I was on top of the world. Some great tracks in here, some chill, but mostly heart pumping rock and roll!

I keep going back to rock and roll for my mainstay in feel good music. I’ve moved to Europe and electronica is king here, there’s just no way it will ever be able to replace the 90’s alt rock scene that existed in North America. And all rock that tried to make it in the early 2000’s. Its long since faded, it would seem, but I love hoping in my time machine and going back there.

Also, recently, I discovered 2 Cellos, which I didn’t realize were actually Croatian! So that’s cool. They do a lot of covers, mostly with no lyrics and they are fantastic. Classic meets Rock and Roll. A great mix by any standard!

This list will get updated from time to time, so check back for updates! 🙂

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