Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs is not a new game, but it is a great game, and in this Sleeping Dogs Review I’ll try to give the best support for that theory. Most of the time you can pick it up on Steam for cheap too. Especially during their semi-annual sales. And its worth every one of those sale price pennies!

Full disclosure, its been a while since I played this, upwards of a year, but its still fresh in my mind it was that good. GTA is fun, we all know this. Sleeping Dogs is like GTA if GTA is Chuck Norris and Sleeping Dogs is Bruce Lee. You’re still gonna kick some ass, its just a different way of doing it.

The mechanics of the game are a straight rip on GTA. Same camera angles, same style cut scenes, however the story is completely different. You’re an undercover cop in Sleeping Dogs, working to bust the worst street gangs in town. Sometimes, due to your deep cover, this can also mean evading the police. Without giving away too much about the story, there are plot twists. But like all GTA style games… well, this and GTA, its hard to find a moral ground that makes sense when you’re wilfully robbing innocent people of their vehicles, killing or beating the crap out of thugs in the street, and straight up just being immoral.

However, a word to the wise, its not all rainbows and lollipops. DO NOT get the DLC. Chinese New Year. Or whatever its called. Its hallow and actually feels like its maybe even unfinished. I don’t know how, but they removed the fun from the game in the DLC. Your main characters mean way less, if not nothing, and the sideline story is not as rich in story, or game play detail. Its a really poor DLC, and its a shame because it puts some taint on an otherwise fantastic game. So, if you play the story and just can’t wait to find more, just go back and sandbox your current save, or hell start over. Either of those options are better than the DLC. I’m doing you a public service here! Don’t get it!

You’d be better off getting Just Cause 2 on sale then spending that money on the terrible DLC for Sleeping Dogs.

Right from the start of this game you’re given a rush of a mission. RUN! That’s it really, just run your heart out. And its a great way to break into the mechanics of your character. Leaping over boxes while you run, dodging, stuff like that. Its a nice addition to the mechanics of the GTA style game engine. And you will use that in game. The hardest thing to get used to is the driving. I remember it was really hard when I started the game, but got progressively easier with time. And really, I could say the same about GTA IV. So, its just another learning curve.

You will get the opportunity to have cars in a stored parking garage, and that does come in super handy… if you find yourself near a garage.

Rather then breakdown the specifics further, if you thought GTA was a little too straight with its delivery, give Sleeping Dogs a shot. Its got more of that 80’s action movie feel, whereas GTA can sometimes come off as sterile. Also, if you loved everything about GTA, then there’s no way you won’t love this game as well. Its all aces for Sleeping Dogs! Check it out sometime.

  • 90%
    Graphics - 90%
  • 92%
    Fun Factor - 92%
  • 85%
    Replay Factor - 85%
  • 95%
    Learning Curve - 95%


Sleeping Dogs is now available in a Definitive HD version and that should be what you go after. You’ll have no regrets enjoying the missions, gameplay and story. This game is a must have for any action genre fan!

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