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I’ve been working pretty hard this week on a web page for a friend back in Canada. Its been a fun adventure. We had a page for him already, but it was mostly boat themed and this caused an issue when he ditched the boat game his studio was making to move over to a game about not getting detected while farting. Its looking like it will be a pretty interesting little game and I think he could have something on his hands with it.

The work involved, at first, trying to use 2 WordPress themes at the same time, which was a little tricky at first but then I got the hang of some pretty handy plugins and everything was going well. But, as time progressed and we worked on the new front page for his site, the back pages that were powered by the old theme just didn’t match and eventually started losing functionality. So, over the time of working on the new site, the old theme was scrapped and now we’ve gone full blown with the new look.

At first this was a great idea, until I realized I had to get in and code a lot of background pages again. But this turned out to actually be quite enjoyable. I do love it when some code comes together and you start getting exactly what you’re thinking about. So, without further adieu, checkout Boss Game Works brand new website!



Also, if you didn’t know it, I make web pages too. If you know anyone who’s looking for some work, let me know! I have a page setup at CroCan.info where you can check out some of my portfolio and other details.

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