Straight Outta Donkin

Today I heard a fantastic rap cover of “Straight outta Compton”. The original, of course, is by NWA, and the new movie has been in theatres for a bit. I’ve seen the movie, its ho-hum to me. It really just shows some mouthy guys who started a record label. I expected to see more, but it turned out to be a bromance movie. I guess you can’t make a movie, say its based on your life’s work, then load it with violent and/or stupid crimes.

Regardless, that’s not the topic of this post. This post goes out to a friend of mine, Rob C. You see, Rob works for a radio station in Cape Breton, near where I grew up. Today that radio station (101.9 The Giant) posted a clip of him rapping about being “straight outta Donkin” and, well, if you can get past the odd slight lapses of timing, its pure gold.

Well done Rob C, you have put a smile on my face that won’t go away anytime soon. Any chance of getting into a studio and recording a proper version of this? Even just for laughs? Too good. Where can I download a copy!

Listen and laugh your way through it all, right here…

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