SwiftKey Android Review

Swiftkey for Android (and iOS) is a fantastic tool. I actually bought a copy of this when it was on sale a couple of years ago, before it was a freemium app. It was worth the money then, and is totally worth the free price now!

Swiftkey can do swipe technology, but I find even the best version of that is not as fast as just typing what you want. Although, I am a fast typist. So if you want to try something new for one handed typing, give it a shot. The main feature of Swiftkey is that it does word predictions, based on databases it can compile from your current social media accounts. So, for example, give it access to Facebook and it reads everything you ever typed in Facebook, then makes its own database to call on when guessing what you might type next, while you type. It actually works quite well, I was rather impressed. You can also have it check Twitter, Gmail, Google+, etc.

Something else that Swiftkey excels at is multi-language support. For example, I am currently learning Croatian. Although most letters in the alphabet of Hrvatski (Croatian) are the same as English, some are different. A long press on a key will show the underlying, other language, options. Its excellent for learning how to write in a new, or not so often used, language. Swifkey, of course, also has spell check, and it works in all the supported languages. That’s another bonus, because sometimes I don’t know how to spell a word in Croatian, so I just start typing in my phone and it auto-completes the word, in Croatian, automagically. Its most excellent.

For a free app the features you get with Swiftkey are slightly mind boggling. Give it a test run and I think you’ll be replacing your stock keyboard in no time! 🙂

One downside of Swiftkey, in my experience, is how much Android will ask you to use Swiftkey as the default keyboard. This might be a thing of the past, as it seems to be happening less most recently, however, I still want to mention it as part of my review. Its not that Android will drop Swiftkey, but it will ask a lot about when to make it the default keyboard. Which is an odd thing, because you will already set it as the default keyboard when you install it and run it the first time. Why keep asking? Seems like they tried to please too many people with that “feature”.

Update (16-2-2016):

I still use SwiftKey as my main Android keyboard and that’s likely to never change. I do find now that there are almost zero prompts asking me to set it as my default keyboard. Also I’ve started using the swiping feature a lot more now that I’m mostly using a stylus with my new (bigger) phone. As a result I love this feature all the same as the others… which is a lot. Great job SwiftKey!

SwiftKey for Android
  • 95%
    Ease of Use - 95%
  • 100%
    Installation - 100%
  • 92%
    Learning Curve - 92%
  • 100%
    Features - 100%


Swift-Key should be your only Android keyboard, ever! Learning, or already know more than one language? This is the Android keyboard for you!

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