The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

I’ve been playing a fair bit of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land on my LG G2 ever since getting it fixed. Long story short, I had to buy another LG G2, with a bad screen, take the insides out and swap them into my phone. I swapped everything I could, which was really everything except the screen, body and battery. I also had a new battery, so I used that. It all worked out and so here we are, playing this game.

As far as turn based strategy games go, this one isn’t bad. It never gets overly complicated, at the same time you do have to keep an eye on how to obliterate zombies properly, applying the best of the classes of characters that you are comfortable with.

To play for a few minutes on your phone at any time, its quite fun. The rewarding system is pretty standard and you can make in-app purchases to advance yourself quicker. I usually take the slug it out slowly route. More enjoyable to see the facets of the game non intervention mode.

Here’s the gameplay video…

Definitely check this game out if you liked what you saw. Although its gory, its such low poly gore that its not overly offensive and takes a more cartoonish feel.

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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

UPDATE: I upgraded my LG G2 to Android 6.1, via a Cyanogen Mod upgrade and now The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land no longer works. I had thought it was my version of the Google Play Store that I had used during my rooting of the device, as it turns out, it probably wasn’t as some other people have mentioned they’re also having problems with running this game on the LG G2. Kind of a bummer, I looked all over the Internets and found nothing to resolve my issue. Now I’m using Bluestacks to play the game on my laptop.

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