Time on my Hands

This past few days I’ve been getting into game development tools and resources. My game engine of choice, after some good research is the Unity engine. Its an amazingly capable game engine and as a huge added bonus there are thousands of free resources right in the Unity Store.

I haven’t started experimenting with directing coding yet, but I have mucked around in the builder interface and I its turned out pretty cool. So my plan here is to build a side scrolling game that is a throw back to classics such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. Since the idea is to not take the concept too seriously, the game story and development can be a little more loose. Still, the idea would be hand to hand combat (mostly) with waves of bad guys.

There’s no fooling myself, this could take years to complete, however, in today’s day, which feels like the peak of the information age, there is access to so many resources, you can pretty much learn anything you want. Its also a bonus that I’m not afraid of coding. However, my real passion is in the 3D modelling to be honest.

Regardless, I will start posting my adventures, including tools I’m using and as well as updates on my progress, when I can. I’m in a situation where time is on my hands, and this seems like a great potential chance for a career slide into game development.

So, here’s the result of my mucking around this weekend. A couple of angled shots of a build I put together off the top of my head from some of the free resources I picked up over the weekend.

For the last shot, the game would side scroll but keep the same perspective, most, or all, of the time.

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